Saturday, February 28, 2009

Add on kit coming!!!

I am almost done with my Add On Kit for "Hoppin' Bananas". I will
have it posted very very soon!!! Have a great Saturday!

I'm so excited so many of you like the Hoppin' Bananas kit!!! YAY!!

Have a beautiful, creative and inspired day!

aka Amy

Friday, February 27, 2009

Chanin's Corner: Another Template Freebie! Woo Hoo!

Here is another great Templapte from Chanin! Enjoy!

Chanin's Corner: Another Template Freebie! Woo Hoo!


Here is an adorable Layout that I did with my "HoppinBananas" (I adjusted the colors for this layout click the name to get go to the link) and a this great template is
from GeniaBeana click to get it!

Have a beautiful, creative and inspired day!!

aka Amy

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Snowflake beach designs template get it here

I created the elements from this fun template.

Have a beautiful, inspired and creative day!

Freebie Hoppin' Bananas

My Kit is done.  Here is the link

This was inspired by my silly monkey who ribbits!! LOL :) Enjoy!

I hope you are happy, healthy and inspired!  
If you like it leave some love.

REMEMBER: If you create a LO with it please email me put LO Mistifaeryscrap  in the subject!

I will have the "Hoppin' Bananas kit loaded today before lunch mountain time!!! YAY!
I hope you are having a great day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had such a busy day I didn't get to add the file to 4shared.  I also looked at the kit and decided to add a little more to it.  So thank you for your patience and it will be done by the end of the week! 

Have a wonderful, inspired and creative week!! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost done!!

My new mini kit "Hoppin' Bananas!" is almost ready! I should have it posted and uploaded on 4shared by tomorrow afternoon!!  Thank you all for the support and comments.  I am excited to be creating!! :)
Remember to comment if you do do a page using my kits so I can post them!!!  Thanks! 

I am also looking forward doing more CT Layouts for Snowflake Beach designs soon!! :)  

You should check out my blog links there are very talented ladies linked!! 

Have a great day.  

Here is something to hold you over.  A Template from Chanin's Corner... Link here 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Freebie from a new kit I'm working on!!!

Sorry this is later than I would have liked!  My son has a stomach thing and I have been cleaning up after him all day.  I think he's napping now and feeling better.  

So here is the newest Freebie!  I am making a more BOY kit! :)  I will post more freebies and the mini kit very soon!
Enjoy and leave some LOVE!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday there will be a new...

On Friday the 20th I will post a new element.  I am working on a new kit, inspired partially by my Son (who poor guy has two older sisters and I am so used to Pink and Purple LOL) and partially by the beautiful Sunshine!! Spring is coming

Stay tuned!! 

Megan's Free Template

Free Template from Megan!!
Here is the link to Megan's Blog

Monday, February 16, 2009

These soaps are so awesome. I just had to share!! Treat yourself to a spring pick me up! You won't be disappointed. They are all natural and they smell amazing. I have been using them for years!! She just came out with new scrubs that I can't wait to try.

I just thought I would share. These really are the best soaps I have ever used.

My favorites so far are Love Spell, Satsuma, Apple and Almond is great for men too!!

Have a great day!!

Stay tuned for another element

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My first mini kit freebie

Download here

10 papers
1 frame
3 word art
2 transparencies 
6 metal Embellishments 
1 Leather Ladybug
1 glitter heart
2 fabric flowers 

This is my first, be kind leave some love!!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

thank you to for flower templates and other actions and obsidiandawn for frame brush.  

2 great iPhotos

my Mini love kit

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 great Freebies!

I was thinking about why I scrapbook.  I love looking back and seeing memories that I forgot or forgot the details of.  So my first thought was.... "I Scrapbook therefore I Remember!"  It makes cute word art too!  Since we all have different styles I made three.  remember you can change the colors with the paint bucket or adjustment tools!!! 

My Challenge this week is to Scrapbook a page about you or something you love!!  So often it's all about my kids and not myself or my husband.  I am making the effort to give my children my history so they can remember who I was, not just who they were!

Have fun enjoy and please tell me what you think!! 

Get #1 Here

Get #2 Here

Get #3 Here

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Word are Freebies

Love Puffy Felt here
Love Leather here
Love Chipboard here

Just fun Freeibes!! I hope you enjoy them!


Download BLING (left)
Download SWEET DREAMS (top)
Download GLITTER (right)

These are just simple fun Word art FREEBIES!! Leave some Love!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay it's my first Freebie! Enjoy!

Click to Download

4Shared preview looks funny. Download is fine and the Ladybugs look like the picture above!. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snowflake Beach Design SALE!!!

Click HERE
to go to the store!



Adventures Kit
Click here
to get it!

Spaghetti Face

I took the CS4 plunge and here is my first page using it. It is
something I could have done on PSE but I was having fun and I LOVE
this LO!!

Kit by